[Cdt-l] Well Marked

Matthew Edwards Hetchhetchyman at aol.com
Mon Nov 29 23:57:45 CST 2010

I got one for ya! 
Sheridan Pass in Wyoming. 
Just after the Winds and right before Togwotee pass.
There were CDT markers everywhere. Some marking snowmobile trails evidently.
The terrain is forested rolling hills with meadows that all look the same.
That was the one place on the CDT where I kicked myself in the butt for not having a GPS.
Somehow I found a cairned route which I thought was the Lava Mountain alternate.
Eventually I set a bearing and just hoofed it cross country over all this lava rock and stuff. 
After climbing in and out of two canyons
I finally found a trail and ran smack dab into baby grizzly bear. Never did see Mama.
After I found the road and figured out what I had done wrong and I just had to laugh. 
Anyhow I met a Forest service employee(and future CDT hiker!) and it turns out they were clearing and remarking the trail from Brooks lake to
Sheridan Pass the next week! The rest of the Pass southwards was in the Pinedale district though.
Anyhow, Sheridan Pass was my biggest "Monty Python" moment of the trail.
The more time that passes the more I love the CDT, idiosychrasies and all.
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