[Cdt-l] Mapping crew 2010 progress

Jerry Brown bearcreek at wic.net
Mon Oct 4 09:36:12 CDT 2010

The CDTA mapping crew has finished its field work for the season.  We mapped
another 1200 miles of the official trail route by carrying three submeter
accuracy professional grade gps receivers. (and hundreds of batteries) This
year's work was divided between New Mexico and Montana.  We collect
locations every second as we walk, and stop to waypoint every creek, stream,
fence, etc., etc. that we find along the way.  It's our pink flagging you
are seeing at poorly marked or confusing intersections - hope it has helped.


This winter we are producing a New Mexico Mapbook that will be similar to
the Colorado one we published last year. It should be available by March and
in time for the NOBO crowd.  There also will be waypoints available for free
download at cdtrail.org.  Next year we plan to finish the rest of the
project and produce books for MT and WY. 


We really enjoyed meeting and talking to all you thru and section hikers
this past season. Congratulations to those who finished or will finish soon.


p.s. If you are still undecided, Crazy Cook is a really nice hike!!!


best wishes,


Jerry Brown

GPS Mapping Specialist

The Continental Divide Trail Alliance






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