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Tue Oct 26 16:33:51 CDT 2010

First of all, I would like to say "hi"! My name is Kim but last name is Mooers - NOT Leo.  I'd like to section hike the CDT next summer 2011.  If anyone is interested in hiking together, please contact me.  After seeing Rudy's video, I am inspired to someday thru hike the entire CDT.  Wow - awesome video and it captures a lot of the feeling of toil, sweat, anguish exhilaration and all the stuff that is unnameable?Anyway, I thru hiked the entire JMT this past summer 2010.  I took 25 days.  The previous summer, I thru hiked the Northville-Lake Placid Trail (with really heavy gear) in 12 days.Next summer, I'd like to get out on the trail again.  My aim is to section hike on the CDT, but I'm in need of a group or partner(s).  I will make the effort to meet the hiking person(s) because it's essential to see if one is compatible with the other people.Well, if anyone has any tips or can let me know what they think, please, feel free to contact me.HAPPY TRAILS!Sincerely,Kim Mooers - Millbrook, NY 
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