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Tue Oct 26 22:23:48 CDT 2010

I am so stoked to hear my SoBo buddies are almost done! Hey, and they did the Columbus route too! No offense to the CDTA, I heard the official route also rocks.
Yea, El Coyote, I remember writing something about the wind storm I experienced coming out of Deming. Somebody e-mailed me to say.."You mean the New Mexico Breeze?" I laughed so hard I almost wet myself watching tumbleweeds.. REAL tumbleweeds rolling along at 40 MPH! There is something just so comical about them.
I can see why Y'all have so many wind mills down that way. New Mexico is pretty high on my list of favorite places I have been in my lifetime. By the way.. What IS the deal with all the Bud Light cans? The ranchers blame it on the Indians. The Indians blame it on the hunters. Just by the law of averages alone you would think there would be a random sample of beer can brands but nope.. In NM it's the electric blue Bud Light Can that populates every roads side ditch. At one point while hiking i calculated that I could pick up a can every 10 seconds while hiking the CDT. Here in Cali they go for 5 cents a piece. I thought of taking Yogi's advice and funding my next hike with them! I have half a mind to go collect all those cans and redeem them at the recyclery in Cuba. Anyway I digress..
 I wonder where Heaps, Lost, Queen frostine, and the rest are. they can't be too far behind.
I am hiking the Appalachian Trail beginning this march to round out my Triple Crown before I die(Not planning on dying but you never know). But I definitely plan to re-hike the CDT again some day. What an amazing trail. The experience is so fresh in my mind I can see those SoBo's now climbing over those thorny cactus spines, the ones that go straight through your shoes and two insoles, to reach South Peak.
I wonder if they are as shell shocked as I am. The PCT was a life changing event for me but the CDT.. That was a universe changer.
It's like you are really totally alone in the world out on the divide sometimes and when you do meet people they are all just so awesome it's humbling.
Why hike from Mexico to Canada sacrificing work, home life, financial "security"? Because: You can make more money, but you can't make more time.
Yea.. I am totally gonna hike the CDT again very soon!
Congratulations Southbound Buddies!
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