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Israeli Ron kept a trailjournals log on his nobo hike in 2004.  
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> the herd left yesterday to finish up the trail at the border - they left wearing their halloween costumes and hiked in them - hawkeye was a big yellow banana - kombucha was a bumble bee - rolling thunder was a skeleton - heaps wore a short skirt with white go go boots and a white cap - DIY was an escaped convict in an orange jump suit - it was so funny -
> stretch left this morning with 2 friends with a vehicle to finish her last 18 miles
> lost and found are finishing on the 4th at CC and coming here to spend the night then bussing out the next morning
> we're still waiting for carbom masa, and jellybean and frogs and snorkel who may have just made it to grants
> big question??? is yaz the first hiker from japan to do the CDT? I think we had a lot of firsts this year with rudy being the first from france and then we had the first 3 israeli's
> el coyote
> Keith and Mary
> Trail Angels
> Deming, NM
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