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Here is the link to Jim's site: 

Roger Carpenter
PCT '96

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I also heard of Walkin' Jim's passing today.  As a fellow member of the PCT
Class of '96 I was thrilled to meet Jim on the trail in the Sierras.  I met
him a day after my camera drowned in a creek, and Jim was nice enough to
forward some of his slides to me so I had some pictures of the Muir Pass
area.  Jim was the first professional musician my son met when he was about
10 years old.  He was inspired by Jim and is now an excellent guitarist and
is pursuing a music education in college.  For me, especially in the years
soon after my thru hike in 1996, I found myself listening to Jim's music


When I am on a trail, or anywhere in the mountain where roads are
non-existent, and I feel or hear the wind blow, I will know Jim's spirit is
alive and singing!  


I will forward the very nice e-mail I received today announcing Jim's
passing to the list.  


Roger Carpenter 
Formerly of Vancouver, WA , now of Portland, OR
www.elkpass.com PCT 96


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