[Cdt-l] Grizzly Bear Research

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We got a picture of a bear wire on the GDT, with fur attached.  See http://spiriteaglehome.com/GDT07%20images/GDT0733BearDNAwire.jpg 

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> Government agencies are studying bear populations and distribution 
> between Glacier and Yellowstone. One technique being used is to attract 
> bears to dead trees that have been surrounded by a few strands of barbed 
> wire. When a bear elects to rub its back against the tree, it will leave 
> hairs that can be analyzed to determine its unique DNA profile. The area 
> of active research extends well south of Lincoln -- at least as far as 
> Bison Mountain.
> For pictures of bear rubs, go to 
> http://nrmsc.usgs.gov/research/KendallRemoteCamera.htm
> Apparently some of the research trees can be found along the CDT. Watch 
> for them -- and if you have any coordinates, please pass them along.
> Jim Wolf
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