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An edifying experience for the classroom, no doubt, but be sure to remind them that long distance hiking is more exciting in the planning and reflecting stages than during the journey itself... But only because 'exciting' is too strong a word, or isn't nuanced enough, or something. Maybe the title for said classroom discussion could be "How to live an atypical life that's an expression of one's positive individuality." But enough typing and musing; now back to walking and musing...

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Today's Topics:

   1. Rudy's video (Todd Russell)


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Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2010 19:29:16 -0400
From: Todd Russell <artnmotion at maine.rr.com>
Subject: [Cdt-l] Rudy's video
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I showed Rudy's CDT video to my Wellness class at the University of  
Maine at Presque Isle.  Our topic was to "live an exciting life" and  
Rudy was the prime  example.  Thank you and bonne chance, Rudy.  Slim  
Gym from Maine


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