[Cdt-l] trip and water report -- Emory Pass to Deming

Brill Stephen stephenbrill at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 2 13:29:35 CDT 2011

Hello all,

Cap'n Jack and I (Moondancer) walked the Wolf (Columbus) route of the CDT from Emory Pass to Deming 27-31 March.  Here's what we found.

>From Emory Pass we saw no water at all until small pools in Barrenda Creek.  In particular, Barrenda Spring was dry.  The pools that were present in the creek looked quite unpalatable indeed.  The first water we saw that we deemed worthy of collection was at the concrete tank at McMullen Spring.

We camped the second night just before entering Macho Canyon.  There we encountered the rancher on whose land we were camped.  He was a pleasant fellow who did point out to us that we were camped on his land.  He permitted us to stay there, reminding us to not litter.

The next water was at Walnut Spring (with the solar pump), which was excellent.

The next water was 1/4 mile after turning off the Macho Canyon road, at the abandoned stone building (about 1 mile E of Greg Hills).  Fine water here.

We did not investigate China Tank.

Excellent water at the windmill 1/4 of a mile NE of Mule Springs Creek wash.

Water present at the tire in Hadley Draw.

One mile E of Ft. Cummins water was present, but it was protected by a herd a belligerent cows.

We did not investigate Fryingpan Spring.

Good water at windmill 1/2 mile SE of Detention Dam No. 5.

Water at "hefty gate" in middle of Section 19.

At the last nonfunctional windmill before Deming, we decided to head south cross-country rather than following the Wolf route on roads.  This was very successful as we encountered Hwy. 26 about 1/2 mile E of its intersection with Hwy. 180.

Lastly, we would like to acknowledge the assistance provided to us by trail angels Keith and Mary.  Their presence in Deming, in my opinion, in and of itself makes the Columbus route a very attractive choice.  Thanks Keith and Mary.  You are the best!

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