[Cdt-l] Map of Cibola-Mt Taylor

Jonathan Ley jonathan at phlumf.com
Sun Apr 3 23:04:09 CDT 2011

If you're looking for high-resolution USGS quads, check libremap.org. 
Some of these maps/scans are a little dated, but mostly, they're pretty 

New Mexico maps are also here:

As you've discovered, the trick is finding an index map that you can use 
as a reference. But, once you get close, you can find neighboring maps 
pretty easily. there are index maps available for a number of states, 
but I don't have a link to a NM index off-hand.

If you're just trying to find an actual full size USGS map print, that's 
another issue...


On 4/2/2011 4:59 AM, susan wrote:
> Does anyone have an old map of Cibola NF/ Mt Taylor District or know which
> quads are along the CDT so I can purchase them. I can return the map if
> someone wants it back or purchase it. I tried the web and every place is out
> of print or sold out.
> Susan
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