[Cdt-l] Daily updates via Spot?

Jonathan Ley jonathan at phlumf.com
Sun Apr 3 23:16:52 CDT 2011

I think you have to set guidelines with your family/friends before you 
leave to address just these instances. I would think that unless you 
active the "help button", or didn't check in for many days past your due 
date, they would just understand you're OK.

I suppose everyone is in a different situation... if you have a medical 
issue that raises your risk level, or are a bit older... perhaps 
something like a SPOT would be a reasonable trade-off... Yes, not quite 
the same as being fully immersed in Wilderness, but better than the 
alternatives. Everyone's limits of technological intervention are 
different. I mean, silicon-impregnated nylon is pretty un-natural... And 
when you think about what it takes to refine just a few ounces of camp 
fuel, it's a bit boggling. I know these are a bit different than having 
an immediate tether via satellite to the outside world, but to someone 
like Jim Bridger, they'd probably seem like a lot of unnecessary fluff. 
So, I guess we all have to just make our own bargains & hike our own 


On 4/1/2011 4:29 PM, david booth wrote:
> Technology allows us to post daily updates but is this necessarily a
> good thing?
> What does the family do if there is no report on a particular day? Do
> they worry?
> Do they contact SAR? Is it because of a technology malfunction, no
> signal, low battery? Is it due to the hiker forgetting to signal each
> day? What action should they take if they see you ten miles off
> course? What did families do before these technical wonders were
> invented? How did they ever cope?
> I admit I love my GPS, it allows me to make less navigational errors
> and is a tool to augment map and compass. But I would never want to
> report my position each day. This would limit my wilderness
> experience, part of which is leaving behind the trappings of
> civilization for a while and not be causing my family undue worry and
> anxiety.
> My family has learned to have confidence in my wilderness skills and
> experience and understand that for whatever reason schedules may vary
> during a hike according to many factors.
> Aussie Dave
> Canberra Australia
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