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we are very dry in the deming area and farther north - we have had .1 rain since last august - we just had a 2000 acre fire in our county - the largest ever - we are hotter earlier this year with some temps in the mid to high 80's

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for 1 Apr 2011 came out this morning:
The snowpack is far worse/deeper than last year in every PCT and CDT state but NM; compare it to 2010:
    It's gonna be a tough year for thru hikers, and section hikers like me; the streams will be dangerous into July. I'm totally having to replan my summer; at least I can finish NM in Apr-May, but I've decided to start earlier. Water may well be a huge problem in NM this year, as my Big Bend part of TX and all of NM are extremely dry. Wildfires are a daily occurrence here right now, as we've essentially had no rain for over half a year.
    The AZT & GET are affected low snow, therefore low water probably. They'll get hotter earlier I'd guess. We're warmer than normal here in Big Bend, and have been for 2-3 weeks. 
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