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(http://www.wcc.nrcs.usda.gov/cgibin/westsnow.pl)  was on a pct-l & cdt-l posting I made this 
morning; read  it first. NM, AZ, & S CA are the only places one will be able to 
easily hike  on any trail, for the next 6-8 weeks I'd guess; the snowpack is 
10-40% worse  than last year almost everywhere else. I'm going to finish NM, 
Snow Lake (N side  Gila Mtns) to Cumbres Pass, in Apr-May; I expect no snow 
problems, but do expect  water problems because NM, and my Big Bend TX, are 
very dry with no rain for  over half a year. Anyhow after NM, I have no idea 
where I'm going on the CDT, S  WY perhaps, as the elevations there are 
somewhat lower, mostly 6- 7,000 ft;  see the white hole in S WY on the map. I may 
go S to N there as there's average  snowpack after the white hole, but then 
well above average towards Yellowstone  NP. 
I need to pick up Glacier NP and S MT for  instance, but the GNP CDT won't 
be mostly melted off until late Jul; I also need  N CO and all of WY, all 
except the Great Basin Desert being above to well  above normal snowpack. I 
have no interest in fighting snow; I just want to hike.  

Let me know if you learn anything about what can be  hiked,
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Does  anyone know how the snow levels are in northern New Mexico - Grants 
points north. Or have a good link for a source that tracks  that.
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