[Cdt-l] Gummint Shutdown and National Praks, Forests, and Monuments

Rich Brown rkb1818 at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 8 13:57:01 CDT 2011

Hello, all.....
Someone probably has first-hand information and advice on what really happens
and what hikers should do when the federal government shuts down and the 
national parks, monuments, and (presumably) forests close as well.  
Is there a residual force of rangers that patrols to make sure that thru-hikers
don't do a stealth entry? We can easily hike around many entry points, not
to gratuitously break the law, but to enjoy what is already ours - not theirs.
I am 100% positive that my fellow hikers have considered virtually all aspects 
of this shutdown problem.  I would appreciate, for both immediately
practical and long-term philosophical reasons, hearing what you have to say.
I'm not looking for diatribes, denunciations or political cant (decent pun there), 
but seeking to solve a big problem. This, I know you are good at.
This failure of government to govern is wreaking havoc with my planning - and
I'm not gonna attempt the CDT as a roadwalk from Mexico to Canada. But my
considerable bulk is still gonna materialize on Coyote's doorstep in a few
Regards to all... and thanks...
Rich (Bear) Brown

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