[Cdt-l] To gaiter or not to gaiter?

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If you are going to hit CO in June they are probably a good idea.  The South
San Juans are normal right now but the rest of the state has had
considerably higher than normal snowfall.  I have a pair of 12" Black
Diamond Gore Tex ones that are good for postholing.   The non-waterproof
ones are usually shorter and are designed more to keep stones out of your
shoes than snow.  


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I'm down to gathering the last couple of pieces of my gear and I have been
wondering about wearing gaiters through Colorado. Some of the past posts
here suggested gaiters would be an excellent addition while traversing over
snow. There are waterproof and non-waterproof. I would think if your
investing in gaiters for snow travel you'd want the waterproof, which of
course are a bit pricier, but not by too much. What are some opinions? What
brands have people liked best? With the larger than normal snowpack, I think
they are a good investment and will help with the comfort.




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