[Cdt-l] New Mexico Water Dources

Jim Wolf mail at cdtsociety.org
Sat Apr 30 12:46:37 CDT 2011

This year's drought in New Mexico raises concerns about water 
availability along the Trail. The most problematic section is between 
Snow Lake and Mangas Mountain - especially if the Aragon Well south of 
N.Mex. 12 (Tularosa Segment 3:1.2) is no longer operational. We hope 
Davis Spring and Damian Spring will be usable -- and there is likely to 
be surface water both in Cox Canyon and Govina Canyon. [Farther north, 
we anticipate that travelers can get a good supply from the Cerros de 
los Colorados Arroyo pump.

Fortunately, hiking in the Grants area will be ok, owing to the several 
caches being set up and maintained by Hugo and Carole Mumm. Each of 
these consists of a metal box, partially buried, all or some with an 
adjacent cairn.

Reading south to north, they will be found as follows:

1.    At the southern Zuni-Acoma trailhead on N.Mex.117 , in the island 
in the parking area. (El Malpais Segment 2:7.8, 34 53.938 N, 107 51.535 W).

2.    In Bonita Canyon, near the cattle guard 0.3 mile north of N.Mex. 
53 (El Malpais Segment 1:23.7, 34 57.503 N, 107 56.906 W).

3.    [Mt. Taylor summit route] At the junction of FR 193 and FR 501. On 
FR 193, this is about 200 yards or so east of the Gooseberry Trailhead. 
(This trailhead is Mt. Taylor Segment 3:17.4). Southbound: obtain water 
from Gooseberry Spring or detour -- by turning left on FR 193 --  to 
this cache, at 35 13.128 N, 107 38.212 W. Then either return to the 
guidebook route or make a sharp turn to the right and continue on FR 
193, descending gradually, passing the green shed (3:18.4) after another 
1.0 mile.

4.    [Designated CDT route west of Mt. Taylor]  The cache is at the 
northern crossing of FR 193. (Mt. Taylor Alternate 3:14.5, 35 13.913 N, 
107 38.418 W).

We look forward to feedback from hikers in New Mexico about the water 
sources along the way -- including the reportedly unreliable ones in 
Bonita Canyon that are mentioned in the guidebook.

All of us appreciate the kindness of our trail angels in New Mexico. 
Thank you, Hugo and Carole especially, for the wonderful support you are 

CDTS/Jim Wolf

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