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Just saw this on a SHAVING forum!

Any idea if this might have been a CDT hiker?


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Dear Clovis Man,

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"WEST GLACIER, Mont [August 6 2011 5:32:26 AM ET]. — Glacier National Park says a grizzly bear mauled a 50-year-old hiker but the man was able to walk for help [God was watching over him]. 

Spokeswoman Denise Germann says the St. Paul, Minn., man was hiking alone from Many Glacier to Piegan Pass around noon Friday when he encountered a mother grizzly with an older cub.

She says in a release that the animal attacked and bit the hiker on an arm, leg and foot and then shook him before leaving. *_The man had bear spray but couldn't use it in time._*

Despite the wounds, the man walked until he met up with a ranger who called for help. The hiker was hospitalized in Browning, but his condition was not immediately available [and], his name was not released.

Germann says the trail from Piegan Pass to Feather Plum Falls has been closed as rangers investigate.

Park officials say cases of grizzly or black bears injuring people at Glacier occur less than once a year [but once is all it takes...to be dead or alive],".


So much for using Bear Spray...if you can get to it. :a46:

That said, I wouldn't even think or dream or be 'caught dead' of entering any National or State Park or woods or fields known to have bears without a firearm for defense. If I couldn't be armed because of local, state or federal laws....you won't be seeing me there my friend. 

Again, if I needed a weapon for Bear defense, my weapon of choice (and the Mrs. too [she was also in the Army]), would be my 'good ole trusty' (Army issue type), pump action, 8 round (+ one in the chamber), 12 gauge Mossberg M590 Shotgun. Image: http://www.htloz.net/forums/images/smilies/awesome/shotgun3.gif 

ChristopherImage: http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y35/Dragonwiz/clipart/ShotGun5.gif 

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All the best,
Badger & Blade

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