[Cdt-l] Into Leadore

Scott "Voyageur" Piddington sp2mtns at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 15 20:39:48 CDT 2011

My experience getting into Leadore was somewhat different from Speedstick's but not unexpected and I'm not grumpy about it. Running nobo down into Bannock Pass I didn't want to miss that only ride. Alas my only greeting was from a bunch of white cows who lined up to stare at me sitting on the fence beside the cattle guard.

Shortly a small pickup rumbled down from the trail to the north. Its load of fat logs bulging and piled way high above the top of the cab crushing the rear suspension. The driver appologized that he was too overloaded to take me and I agreed, somewhat relieved.

After waiting for no one for an hour, the walking began at 6:30pm. Sitting and waiting are not my strong suits. At the 13 mile post I almost had an oldtimer convinced to turn back for a 20 till he remembered some other commitment. Several miles down the road a couple of women flew by in a big suv heading my way. 40mph! I don't think so.

At the 7 mile post the search for a camp site began. The tent was pitched jist after 9pm. In the morning the walk resumed at 7:30am and one vehicle passed me by over the next 7 miles. About a mile from town a small carload of 20-somethings stopped on its way up. They were working for the FS and excited to meet a thru. They pointed out the bunkhouse and offered a ride back when I needed one. Cool! I'm not sure how their employer would feel about that but maybe.

I'm not callin this a "tough" hitch spot. I'm calling it an "unlikely" hitch spot. Mike from the motel gave me a ride back to the pass the next morning. As I walked up the trail, 3 vehicles stopped at the pass to check out the sightts and then headed down to Leadore. It's just the luck of the draw sometimes. Of course, being female might help a bit too.

By the way, the leadore Inn is awesome! They have rescently remodled, it's beautiful and they are great to hikers. They even have a hiker box.

The trail from Monida to Bannoc Pass is a delight. So far the trail north to Lemhi Pass has been easy to follow too. Good signs, post, markers, springs with signs.

Speedstick, you are less than a day behind me. Hope to see you on the trail.

Happy hiking all,

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