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el coyete, I think the route you recommend is the same route followed by Jim
and Ginny Owen.  I have Wolf's guidebook- at least I had it at one time- and
need to get it out again.  I am not so set on any one route that I wouldn't
consider an alternative route, and water is always an important
consideration.  And somewhere in the back of my mind I keep thinking that
perhaps I could just move the start up a year.  So I am preparing early,
just in case.  I think the cancer stuff has changed my thinking about what
is important.   


I appreciate your offer for assistance.  I'm filing this email in my NM
planning box.


My wife and I have purchased a home in Florence, AZ and will be moving there
sometime in 2012 so we will be neighbors.  And I am well aware of the AZ
Trail that is not too far off from where we will be living.  Two great
trails, so little time.  


I hope we can keep in touch.  Planning is so much fun!!  Anticipation is so
much fun!! But the hike- that is everything!! 




Note:  it seems I no longer have Wolf's guide book for NM.  I have the
guides for MT/ID but must have sold the NM guide.  I will have to get
another one.


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I too was going to tell you mid april - most nobo's go from the 15th to the
25th - the israeli's last year left on the first - they had a lot of
problems with snow farther north - 'm prejudiced as to which route is better
- you would take the bus from AZ to deming and I would pick you up - if it
was late in the day you would stay at our place and we would go out to eat
at a great mexican food place or italian - I would take you to the border
for $20 showing you the route you would take and we would caqche water - if
you chose to do the CC route you would have to stop in lordsburg and have
sam hughes pick you up there and take you to hachita for I believe $40  then
he would take you to CC for $90 - logistically wolf's route is better with
more water sources - sam would cache water for you at some places along the
way - now, the info about sam is last years

you have plenty of time to consider your options

el coyote

Keith and Mary

Trail Angels

Deming, NM


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I have been reading the cdt-l for years.  I hope the cancer stuff is behind
me now.  I had surgery on Aug 5 and hopefully that will get me back to
normal again and be the end to the cancer part of my life.  And next year I
will retire and move to AZ.  With all that in falling into place......


Finally, I think I will be able to schedule a return to the CDT in the
spring of 2013. I will be 64 and retired.  

I am planning on doing New Mexico as early in the year as I can to stay
ahead of the heat.   I am interested in discussing similar plans with
someone else close to my age. I am a male, but willing to hike with either a
male or female.  I am married, so no plans other than sharing the trail with
someone.    I hike too slow for most youngsters, but I would enjoy some
company to share the decisions with along the way.  I am looking at a
March/April hike, or one starting no later than around April 1 and ending in
mid-May.  I am interested in as little road walking as possible- I am
somewhat of an adventurous sort by nature.  I use the trail name of Trew.  I
would really like to start at Crazy Cook's Corner unless someone can talk me
into believing another starting place is better.  


I am now beginning to put plans in place.  I have Jonathan Ley's maps CD
from 2006.  Do I need to up grade?   


I have about 800 CDT miles done in Colo, WY and MT.  None in NM so I would
like to make it up to Cumbres Pass.  If the snow is deep in the San Juans I
can go home for a month or two and then come back and pick up Colorado if I
so desire. But for now, New Mexico is my target.   Any suggestions or
comments or advice would be appricated.





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