[Cdt-l] Montana CDT section hike

Charlie Thorpe charliethorpe at att.net
Sat Aug 20 10:40:22 CDT 2011

Hello All -

I will be leaving the south in a day or two to head up to start a section hike on the CDT in Montana.  The plan is to start at Chief Joseph Pass and head north...will be taking off at Benchmark campground just below the Bob if all goes well.

One choice for me will be to store my car at a reasonably secure place in Butte and arrange a shuttle from there down to Chief Joseph Pass.  I am not familiar with the area, but on the map Butte looks like a fairly easy spot to hitch into from just about any place I might have to bail along this particular chunk of trail.

Does anyone have any suggestions on who I might look up to get help with the shuttle?  Retired or otherwise off-work, student waiting for school to start, etc. - I would use my car for the shuttle and will pay for their time, of course.

I enjoyed a NM section hike this spring and am really looking forward to some time on the other end of the CDT...beautiful cool weather, no bugs, benevolent bears, few fires, lotsa water, late first snow, and plenty of the usual great trail hospitality from virtually everybody met along the way.  I will be happy to settle for at least the last one if that's the way it works out...<g>.

Anybody need a ride from Alabama to Montana?

- Charlie

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