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Sun Aug 21 21:25:04 CDT 2011

Wow this is really strange.
I had a lot of questions myself before hiking the Columbus route and i wondered why people seemed so "silent" on the issue.
Now, after having hiked "my" CDT route I understand why this trail is so personal for everyone.
All I can tell you is how much i loved the CDTS Columbus route.
I equally loved taking the Gila River Alternate after the Columbus route as well.
My best advice is to ask Jonathan Ley for his latest CD ROM of maps.
They contain many alternates including; Crazy Cook, Antelope Wells, and the Columbus route.
I met many hikers and each thought the way they had come was awesome. 
Let your heart guide you.. you cannot go wrong on the CDT.
My friend Sage had a great post here on CDT-L last year. It was titled "Long Live the Purple Line".
She meant not only the Purple alternate routes on Mr Jonathan Ley's maps, but also the freedom to choose your own adventure,
Having just finished a "pure" thru hike of the Appalachian Trail myself, and having the reflection of my PCT and CDT experiences to compare
I must say; Follow your Bliss. There is something inside each of us that knows when we are on the "beam".
It has nothing to do with the maps or what is the "proper" route.
The CDT is a living trail.
.. I am SO freakin' jealous of you!
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