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Or you can appy for the better Appalachian Trail plaque. It's 75 bucks, so it must be better. 

Thanks Buck-30 for taking over this job... and others supporting the plaques.

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Hikers - Just a quick reminder that if you would like to receive the Triple 
Crown Award from ALDHA-West this year the deadline to submit your 
information is *September 1.* 

Information on the award and the annual gathering can be found at: 


The award (a cool plaque) is free to those who attend the gathering and 
around $25 for those who don't. Either way you will be forever immortalized 
on the ALDHA-West website. 

*The only rule* is that you must have hiked all 3 trails in full by the time 
you apply for the award. It doesn't matter how you hiked the trails as long 
as you walked them at some point, some how, some way. 

ALDHA-West is the only organization that recognizes the Triple Crown and to 
date 122 plaques have been awarded. I've already got around 20 for this year 
so the numbers keep growing. 

Buck-30 - ALDHA West Triple Crown Coordinator 

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