[Cdt-l] Doc Campbell's in New Mexico

Jackie McDonnell yogihikes at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 17:49:51 CDT 2011

I just spoke with the folks at Doc Campbell's store.  They request that all
hikers send packages via *USPS Priority Mail only*.  UPS will work, but they
do not like UPS.  "If they don't show up, I'm stuck with the box.  After a
couple months the boxes start to smell."  He can forward boxes sent via USPS
Priority Mail.

Also, there is a $2 package fee.  He said, "There have been a few jackasses
this year, but mostly everyone is great."  People actually complained about
paying $2 for their box.  FYI, there is not trash service in the area.  They
have to haul all trash 40 miles away to the dump, and the $2 fee is
basically to cover that.

If any of you know of hikers on the trail who might use Doc Campbell's for a
maildrop, please let them know to use USPS Priority Mail only.

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