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plus this year during the fire he was able to forward boxes to julie's store - we have a new trail angel in the mimbres that will accept boxes if you don't want to send them to doc campbell's - you know how much trash a box generates lol

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I just spoke with the folks at Doc Campbell's store.  They request that all hikers send packages via USPS Priority Mail only.  UPS will work, but they do not like UPS.  "If they don't show up, I'm stuck with the box.  After a couple months the boxes start to smell."  He can forward boxes sent via USPS Priority Mail.

Also, there is a $2 package fee.  He said, "There have been a few jackasses this year, but mostly everyone is great."  People actually complained about paying $2 for their box.  FYI, there is not trash service in the area.  They have to haul all trash 40 miles away to the dump, and the $2 fee is basically to cover that.

If any of you know of hikers on the trail who might use Doc Campbell's for a maildrop, please let them know to use USPS Priority Mail only.


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