[Cdt-l] Planning water access in New Mexico

Brian Lewis brianle8 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 21:57:45 CDT 2011

This is perhaps getting ahead of myself as I'm (SOBO) still about a hundred
miles short of Colorado, but I'm wondering if someone can suggest where I
will be able to get most current/reliable information on water availability
for New Mexico (ideal would include a specific phone number) ?  I'm in
Rawlins now, and called BLM and eventually got routed to "the guy who
actually knows" about water availability just south of me here (seems
there's always a guy/gal who gets out there and knows the straight facts but
they can be hard to get in touch with).

Assuming water from the CO border to Chama isn't too big an issue, I was
thinking that I would call around from Chama and figure out from there
whether I can just keep going, or maybe have to rent a car to cache water
for myself, or ... ?  After doing 30's to get to a spring at the end of each
day in this last stretch, water availability suddenly seems like a more
important issue (alas that there's no PCT Asabat-like water report ...).

TIA for any specific pointers on this (and no rush as I've something like
800 miles to go before it's an issue).

        Gadget / Brian Lewis
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