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$2 is nothing.   What did I pay the owners of Benchmark to pick up and hold
a package for me- $25 or $30?  I am just hoping I get into Doc's and on my
way before doc  finds out what the folk at Benchmark are charging.


OK- I need to order Yogi's guide.  Was he following the CDTS?  I can hardly
wait to put my feet into the Gila River.....



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Nobo,  If I resupply in Mimbres, next resupply would be doc's and then

Jim Wolf is in Colorado right now and he won't be sending out my NM guides
until after Sept 4.  


The next place I resupplied after Doc Campbell's Post was Pie Town.

You will definitely want to send a box to Nita's toaster house in Pie Town.

There is a small convienince store 3 miles down the road from Nita's but you
are gonna stop at Nita's anyways.. trust me!

If you have not already gotten it, i suggest getting Yogi's guide book for
the CDT.

You can find it at PCThandbook.com.

The town guide will really help you formulate your resupply strategy. Or it
will allow you to "wing it" a lot easier.

By the way, I was not complaining about the 2 dollar charge to hold packages
at Doc's.. Paul's .. whatever!

I re-read my post and it seemed that way. Actually we were overjoyed at how
cheap it was. Paul even offered to dispose of our 


The Gila cliff dwellings are a real treat. For northbounders you will be
early in the season and may have them all to yourself like we did.

After you visit the cliff dwellings you have the opportunity to rejoin the
Gila by way of a really cool slot canyon. Anyhow.. lots of options there.


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