[Cdt-l] Escape From Cumbres Pass

Doug Carlson doug-sue71 at comcast.net
Fri Aug 26 14:20:12 CDT 2011

I am trying to imagine coming out of NM and ending at Cumbres Pass- what
then?  that is sort of a out of the way place.  Is it possible to hitch back
down into NM from there and catch a bus back to AZ?    Or is there a point
south of Cumbres where one could pick up a ride up to Cumbres and then walk
sobo from Cumbres, say back to I-10?  


the thought crossed my mind I could skip the CDT and get a ride out to
Albuque... and then hike the GET back to Florence, AZ and end up at home.
Now that's appealing, too.  I hear the GET is a great bper's prize, too.


Anyway, if you end at Cumbres- what next?  


I am seriously looking at a long trek from doc's to Pie Town for resupply



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