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On second thought, 7 days between Doc's and Pie Town is probably a safe bet, depending on how much of the West and Middle Forks of the Gila you opt to follow. 

Not sure why it took me 9 days. I just remember coming up with the lyrics to the Pie Town blues anthem along the way.

"Toaster's a-hangin' by the front porch,
but I ain't lookin' for bread.
Finally got to town after nine day,
Hardly could say I been fed.
What I need to eat
Is somethin' sweet.
Crust on the bottom, I know this place got 'em
The pies that'll pick up my feet.
I'm in the Pie Town.
Oh lord, I'm in the Pie Town.
Apple and peach, now that's what's they preach
Down home in the high town of pie."

- blisterfree

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>>I am seriously looking at a long trek from doc's to Pie Town for 

It's about 9 days for an average thru-hiker, maybe 7 if you really hustle. The long and potentially difficult hitch to Reserve dissuaded me from trying that approach in '03. The good news is that the terrain is (relatively) mellow overall - plenty of dirt FS road walking if you follow CDTS the whole way.

>From Cumbres Pass you could either try your luck hitchhiking east, or hitch west to Chama and then take the train east to Antonito (and then try hitching to ABQ from there). I'm right now in the final throes of figuring out a third option, actually a loop hike around northern New Mexico that includes Chama and Santa Fe, among other towns. There's a Chama to Questa leg that includes the Cruces Basin Wilderness, some x-c volcanoes as well as the Rio Grande Gorge trails. From Questa the route heads east into the Sangres down to Santa Fe, but there's also bus service from here south to S.F. and ABQ. 

One of the
 goals of the loop hike in this case is to come up with a northbound link to the CDT from the GET terminus at ABQ. There's a backcountry way between ABQ and S.F., and from there the loop concept would offer a "Jemez link" to the CDT at San Pedro Parks, as well as a "Sangres link" as detailed above. But the loop should be a nice little hike in its own right, at around 450 miles.

- blisterfree

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