[Cdt-l] Escape From Cumbres Pass

Matthew Edwards Hetchhetchyman at aol.com
Sat Aug 27 20:17:02 CDT 2011

I went through my photos from my CDT hike in 2010 and it took me just over 4 days to go from Doc Campbell's post to Pie Town.
After returning to the Gila via little bear canyon, you can go all the way up to Snow lake's outlet where it meets the Gila. 
That middle section of Gila river canyon has incredible "melted wax" like rock walls and some of the most superb camping on sand bar islands.  Wagon tongue mountain (I think the CDTA just finished fixing this bit of trail up!), Mangas mountain(You will love the view from the firetower, then a bit of a road walk into Pie town itself. Don't worry too much, I saw about one truck and hour on that dirt road and the cowboys drive around with center consoles full of beer.. they don't let us do that here in the people's republic of CA.
That section from Doc's to Pie Town, compared to other places on the CDT, is relatively benign. The three thirties made it to Pie Town just 24 hours after i did and they left Doc's at the same time. So 5 to 6 days at an easy pace is not out of the question.
Oh..Wait!!! I just remembered Joshua Springs! 
When you return to the Gila after the cliff dwellings there is a large bathtub like natural hot springs under a willow tree.. it was epic! the water was like baby bea's porridge.. not too hot and not too cold.. PERFECT temperature. The water was crystal clear too. I remember floating around with the three thirties in that spring. I am so happy thinking about that now! I love the freakin' Gila river canyon.
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