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Here's the proposed layout of the route:



Latir Peaks Wilderness would be available from Questa as a side trip. Another option, after descending Wheeler Peak, is to resupply in Red River and then continue north to LPW from there, but it looks pretty road intensive. As mapped, paved road walking is minimal outside of Santa Fe.

A connection south to the GET at Sandia Crest would hook in on the west side of Santa Fe, east of the Rio Grande.

Hiking through downtown Santa Fe might seem a little off-putting. Placing it in perspective though, the AZ Trail goes right through Flagstaff, which is comparable in size, and that's not such a bad walk considering all you get in return for the traffic (endless culinary experiences!) And of course Santa Fe is the oldest state capitol in the United States, lots of culture, also the highest in elevation. (There's also no convenient way around it! :)

- blisterfree

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Truly a great area.

Blister Free mentioned Questa.

Next to Questa is the Latir? Peak Wilderness (where I plan on going over Labor Day weekend).

The Rio Grande Gorge? (Wild Rivers Recreation Area) is a neat little area with stream side 'backpacking' campgrounds,
petroglyphs and the confluence of two rivers!

I hope this route takes in the Pecos Wilderness! An amazing area that I fell in love with over Memorial Day weekend.

Paul "Mags" Magnanti

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