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Honestly, this year, the later the better (and I'm and early-season start promoter, too)! 

When I did the CDT in 1980, I started March 1st and hit a wall of snow out of Chama. We almost made it to Wolf Creek Pass, but turned around and waited a month for some of it to melt. Around mid-June we tried to leave Chama again, only to find too much snow, still, in the San Juans, so we took a low route to Lake City. Never did see what the San Juans really look like!

"Just remember, Be Careful out there!"

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  NM is usually nice in May and you’ve already done the hottest part.   It is 640 miles from Silver City to the Colorado line.  Snow is usually an issue in the San Juans until early July so  I would time my departure to get to Colorado no earlier than mid June.  The San Juans are one of the best parts of the entire CDT so it would be nice to be able to do them. 


  The Pintlers and Bitterroots routinely hold snow into July so  I’m not sure flipping to Butte would help that much.    


  best wishes,


  Jerry Brown  (bearcreek)


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        In 2009 and 2010, I hiked about 900 miles of the CDT and alternate routes, including the sections from Antelope Wells to Silver City, New Mexico, Squaw Pass to Silverthorne, Colorado, and Butte, Montana to the Canadian border.


        I'm thinking about section hiking part or all of the rest of the CDT in 2012, probably starting at Silver City, and either skipping the parts I've already walked, or taking a higher route through Colorado. 


        I'm considering a start date from Silver City sometime between April 15 and May 1. Any opnions about how late is too late to head northbound from Silver City for the heat in New Mexico? Or the optimal time to balance out heat in the south with snowmelt in Colorado? 


        Also, if I flipped from hiking northbound to southern Colorado to hiking southbound from Butte, Montana what would be the optimal time to head southbound from Butte in terms of snowmelt?




        Gary Swing

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          Anything is possible, but some places just lend themselves more to local purchases than do others. 


          I’d suggest that you also post this query on the CDT forum at trailforums.com and on the White Blaze (AT) forum in their CDT sub-forum.


        Also, read carefully these two CDT Guides: Paul Magnanti at http://www.pmags.com/a-quick-and-dirty-cdt-guide and Spirit Eagle at http://www.spiriteaglehome.com/cdt.html





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