[Cdt-l] iPhone GPS/2012 thru hike

Brian Lewis brianle at nwlink.com
Wed Dec 7 14:56:16 CST 2011

The battery power issue was a primary reason for me to bring a standalone
GPS on the CDT, and I'm glad that I did.  I didn't have to make the awkward
power trade-off of using the GPS and then perhaps as a result not being able
to type up a journal entry or take a photo later on.  And of course it was
easy to carry spare GPS batteries, and lithiums are quite light.   And the
GPS was always in "GPS mode".  And as my GPS unit was pretty weather proof,
I didn't have to pull out my cell phone in rain or falling snow if there was
some sort of navigation challenge --- my GPS is definitely a more robust
unit than my phone.  And my GPS isn't a touch-screen, so it worked equally
well if I was wearing gloves.  Particularly when it's raining and cold out,
it can be a total PITA to try to use a touch-screen driven GPS app on a cell
phone that's inside a ziplock.  While you're either wearing gloves or
freezing your hands in order to manipulate the touch screen.


I didn't have (or want) a standalone GPS on the PCT or AT, but I was glad I
had one on the CDT.

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