[Cdt-l] iPhone GPS/2012 thru hike

Brian Lewis brianle at nwlink.com
Wed Dec 7 23:50:09 CST 2011

"An iPhone's touch screen can also be manipulated by nose."

Nose, eh?  My phone was my (only) camera, and Lucky Joe periodically had
great amusement at me using my tongue to work the on-screen buttons when I
didn't feel like taking off multiple layers of liner glove plus mitten plus
mitten shell.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for use of a multi-purpose device (smartphone);
worked great for me on the PCT and AT, and ditto the CDT, just not in the
latter case as my GPS.  In this particular instance it was better IMO to be
able to (admittedly less easily, intuitively in good weather) work the UI
without needing the electrical contact of bare flesh to screen.

And even there one can mitigate things.  I wove some conductive thread into
one finger tip of a couple of pairs of liner gloves, and this worked more or
less well depending on how fine a degree of control a particular application
required.  Fine for "pushing a button" (on-screen UI button), not as well
for using a pinch gesture to resize things on screen.

In any event, IMO it really is better for a CDT thru-hike to take along a
standalone GPS with an interface that doesn't flat out require a touch

Each to their own, of course!


                      Brian Lewis / Gadget


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