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we have new angels in the mimbres that are extremely reliable for resupply - they have been taking hikers to silver city

el coyote
Keith and Mary
Trail Angels
Deming, NM

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You're going to want at least a few boxes, but I did find several boxes were not as necessary as others made it out to be. Here's the catch though..... how picky are you? What's your budget (as some of these little towns charge and arm and leg for a cheap brand of peanut butter...)
Here's my list of what would be a mando maildrop: 
San Lorenzo, NM (I don't know what the state of this resupply is as it seems to change every year.... My thoughts are the next time I hike the CDT I'd start Crazy Cook and head through Silver City and hike in a year where there isn't a raging fire that detours me around the Gila...)
Ghost Ranch, NM
Atlantic City/South Pass, WY (There is food here, but it is expensive and a hit/miss depending on if other's clearned the shelves out).
Togwotee Lodge, WY (I didn't want to illegally hitch in WY) 
Lima, MT
Benchmark Ranch, MT


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I was wondering if a "buy as you go" strategy is doable along the CDT. I'm trying to avoid putting a burden on my resupply person the way I did on the PCT when I had over 20 pre-made packages. Thanks!

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