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My theory is the Montana/Wyoming mosquito larvae nourish on grizzly blood .
So what emerge are tiny grizzly mosquitoes. They don't just bite you, but
maul you as well. 




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Totally depends on how wet the year is, and when you're where... I've always
considered them to peak about 2-3 weeks after the snow in any given area
gives way to bare ground. For me on the CDT, they were worst in the
Anaconda-Pintler in mid July. I didn't have any in the Winds in August (nor
anywhere in Wyoming southward). In other years, people have reported bad
mosquitoes in all different places & times. 

In some ways, the flies along parts of the ID/MT border were worse for me
than the mosquitoes. There is no DEET equivalent for the flies (but at least
they go away after dark)


On 12/11/2011 4:10 PM, Moynihan wrote: 

I've never experienced the severity of mosquitos before the Winds. They were
torturous. They left me running up passes and savoring the moments I was
chest deep fording swollen creeks! If I could do it over again I'd get one
of those full body bug suits or wear pants that the demons couldn't
penetrate through, but alas they always find a way to get into your

Definitely have a shelter you can keep the world out. I'd gloriously watch
hundreds of noses probe through the no-see-um mesh of my tent. Camp was the
only time of day I'd have a break from them dining on my exposed flesh. The
Winds seem to be a problem many years. In general anywhere there was a
recent melt with warming temperatures could be ideal mozi-territory tho... 

Also, definitely carry DEET through the winds and a decent sized bottle of
it. In my opinion and unfortunate experimentation only DEET will resist
mozi's. Don't bother with anything else.




On Sun, Dec 11, 2011 at 1:36 PM, <rockmarkstar at aol.com> wrote:

So I hear the mosquito's can be pretty nasty on the CDT. After almost losing
my mind in Northern Yosemite in 2010, can I get away with sewing some sort
of bug netting onto my tarp or should I seriously consider a TarpTent? I
really like my tarp, but don't think I could handle an experience like
Northern Yosemite again. 


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