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Sun Dec 11 22:18:42 CST 2011

I saw "Chama CO" when that list came out earlier this year.  OUR Chama is
in New Mexico.  Hopefully, the closure list refers to one of the *two*
towns named Chama in Colorado.

Elliston and Wisdom MT -- it makes sense to me that places like that might
lose their Post Offices.  I'm not saying it's right.  I'm just saying that
if the USPS is trying to reduce costs, then small places like that would
logically be the first to go.


If it actually is the Chama New Mexico PO that is closing i bet Fosters would accept our packages.
Also the kind folks at the fudge shop in Chama said they would hold packages for hikers.
As for Elliston MT i went to Helena instead. The hitch is a bit long into.. and getting out of Helena is brutal.
What i did was walk all the way out of Helena until all the side streets were gone and it was just me and the highway.
Then I held up my "Hiker to CDT sign" and it was no problem getting back up to the pass.
The alternate for Wisdom is Darby i believe.. I went to Darby. 
The hitch to darby took a couple of hours. there is a parking lot rest area thingy down at Chief Joseph pass. that is where i finally "Yogi'd" my ride.
Once in Darby the place to hitch out is the bar. I am not joking!
I went to the bar and those have to be the friendliest folks in Montana in there!
Had a ride arranged before i finished my first beer.
Wow.. I really miss the CDT and all those wonderful folks out there.
Heck.. i miss all the wonderful people on all the trails!
Might have to sell a kidney this year but i have to hike again.
Right now the thought of the "Cadillac" PCT and the "Wild Stallion" CDT are duking it out in my mind.
Sure would be nice to take the Butte route this time and RMNP without a huge forest fire.

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