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Brett blisterfree at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 12 12:30:28 CST 2011

>>Too bad about Hatchita.? Besides being the only business even remotely open consistently in this town, the post mistress also allowed access to water at her house.? She was a really nice person.<<

This is exactly why many of these small town post offices should not be on the chopping block, say the locals. If the post office is the only (dependable) business in town, then there's no other business to take up the slack and the quality of life for area residents suffers as a result. Customer volume does not equate with customer need; it may even be an inverse proportion, much like with the once ubiquitous Greyhound bus stop. Thankfully it's not a done deal at this point. The closure list to date is hypothetical and postal representatives are going town to town, holding meetings with the locals, addressing concerns, and trying to find alternatives. Where no viable alternatives exist, the post office could remain open. 

USPS would do far better to focus on larger population centers, consolidate and streamline operations there, where the drive to another postal facility or business is reasonably convenient, then to shutter small town post offices and completely shut out wide swaths of the countryside. Ben Franklin would have been appalled and we should be too.

- blisterfree

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