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Arlo Barnes arlo.barnes at gmail.com
Mon Dec 12 13:03:54 CST 2011

Dear All:

OUR Chama is in New Mexico.

rAmen!  I will be sledding there later this month. I figure this might be a
good time to introduce myself (is Brick strict about "thread creep" [Google
Search for the term <https://www.google.com/search?q=%22thread+creep%22>,
but maybe more helpfully something like this random website that
mentions it<http://www.iainbanksforum.net/showthread.php?145-thread-creep-topic-slipage>]?
Is Brick the right name to use, who is e [Spivak], and is e the same as
I was for a time subscribed to the at-l, the pct-l, the cdt-l, and the ft-l
(the four active lists) but unsubscribed due to the flood of emails. I am
still interested in the community/communities and will check the recent
archives periodically, but this means that if for some unknown reason
anybody wants to contact me specifically, they will need to TO or CC me (or
even BCC, if you feel the inexplicable need) in addition to or in place of
the list email.
Skip to the next paragraph to avoid a ramble: I found BackCountry via
Hack.net, which Ryan also <str>runs</str> ran, which I found referenced in
a parody song "Alice's UseNet Flame" mirrored on a personal site (~vlb)
hosted on cfcl.net (Canta Forda Computer Lab), a site mentioned by my
friend on FaceBook (a site I am still ashamed to use). Very indirect, huh?
I wonder if anybody here is interested in GeoHashing. Most people have
heard of GeoCaching, where boxes are hidden in various areas, often near
hiking trails, but few people have heard of GeoHashing, where people meet
at a spot within their 1 degree square (or 'graticule')
determined randomly each day. I invite everybody to check it out:
Anyway, this was my splash, and I will probably retreat to my lurkum now.


Arlo James Barnes
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