[Cdt-l] Apps

Bob bobandshell97 at verizon.net
Tue Dec 20 16:05:02 CST 2011

For those on both CDT-L and PCT-L, I apologize for the duplicate post.


Having just yesterday bought a Droid Razr, and as a newbie smart phone owner
(overwhelming),  I'm interested in Apps generally, but particularly ones
that assist in the outdoors or along the trail.  I've been on CDT-L right
along and I don't seem to recall a discussion of Apps, but then I wasn't a
smart phone owner and it may have just shot by me.    If anyone really likes
an App, or two or ten, and would be willing to take a minute to share
acquired wisdom off-list, I would be very grateful.


Walk well,  Dr Bob  


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