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There is no immunization that I know of for tick fever.  Worst ticks on the
trail are in WY Great Basin area, where they are terrible.  Check yourself
daily and if you get one, remove it with tweezers using a steady pull then
put some antiseptic on it and forget about it.  


The Gila has a cold winter and this year that is particularly so.  March is
really early, even in a good year.


Official  National Scenic Trail begins at Crazy Cook in the Bootheel.  There
are popular alternates north and south of Deming.  If you choose to follow
the official route, there are detailed and correct maps and waypoints
available from the CDTA website.  ( www.cdtrail.org ) If you are doing the
alternates you should also get Jonathan Ley's maps.    


best wishes,


Jerry Brown (bearcreek)

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Do we need to get shot for Rocky MTN spotted fever?

How is the Gila Wilderness the last of March?

Where is the real beginning of the New Mexico Section.  I have old maps and
the new one and they are not the same.  




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