[Cdt-l] Gila Wilderness

Rick Ostheimer rick.ostheimer at sbcglobal.net
Tue Dec 27 12:55:10 CST 2011

There is no vaccine for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, but it can be 
treated with antibiotics.  This is a tick-borne disease, so your best 
bet is to do frequent checks for ticks and remove them before they get a 
chance to infect you.  There are other infections that ticks can also 
transmit including Lyme Disease.  There was a vaccine for Lyme Disease, 
but it has been withdrawn.  It too can be treated with antibiotics, but 
one should catch it during the initial stages of an infection as there 
are very serious issues if the infection becomes established.

There are 3 possible starting points for a nobo: Columbus (S of Deming), 
Crazy Cook Monument, and Antelope Wells.  The "official" route starts at 
Crazy Cook which is literally in the middle of nowhere.  I got a fee 
shuttle down there from Sam Hughes who lives in Hachita.  The route is 
reasonably well marked with signs erected by the BLM.  The BLM has set 
up water caches along the route from Hachita to Lordsburg and Sam Hughes 
graciously stocked them for me when I hiked the NM-CO chunk in 2010.  
Alternatively, you can hitch to Columbus, which is a port of entry, from 
Deming which has train and bus service.  This route is described in the 
Wolfe guides.   Antelope Wells is another port of entry on NM81 of 
Hachita.  I believe this route is not recommended due to issues with 
illegal immigration.

I recommend you get on the list for Jonathan Ley's updated CDT map CD.  
His maps will have many alternates to choose from, not only in NM, but 
many other places along the trail.


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