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You?must be a "real" hiker.??You?are asking some?wackos?for their recommendations.? 
Generally, the route on the new maps is newer ?than the old maps.???
Genreally, the new official CDTA?route takes you away from key water sources, and puts you at risk unless you plan carefully.? Usually, the water issues are documented when it gets?reported on the Ley maps, but that does not mean any thru hikers will hike it.? 
The new NM route near the Colorado border is pretty good.? It is only a little more difficult navigation and hiking difficulty.? A couple of us got lost sobo in 2010.? It may be better by now.? Consider the new official route wacko approved and the real route.?
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Subject: [Cdt-l] Gila Wilderness 
...Where is the real beginning of the New Mexico Section.? I have old maps and the  
new one and they are not the same.?  

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