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The MSR Miniworks filters work great and are easily cleaned.  I've had one
for ten years that has never let me down.  The disadvantage is that they are
heavy.  The paper type pump filters are lighter and easy to use but don't
last very long.   


best wishes,


Jerry Brown (bearcreek)




best wishes,


Jerry Brown

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Hi Trew,

I am a big fan of the SteriPEN. 4 thru-hikes and still healthy. My thoughts
have already been posted here so I won't re-post the whole text. If you want
to read my opinions, go to: 



And have a great hike!




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OK- expert advice needed.  When it comes to filtering water in the deserts
or arid areas what filter works the best for you?

I have posted this question on the Backpacker forums and many who hike in
the deserts say silt clogs filters very quickly.  they do not like the
dip/chemical/drink treatment and the few that  respond say the MRS miniworks
is the most reliable.  


So, hiking NM what would be the filter method of choice to avoid clogging
and disease?



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