[Cdt-l] NM Water

Travis Naibert tnaibert at gmail.com
Fri Dec 30 11:50:55 CST 2011

Last year, 2011, was a very dry year in NM. From my experience if you
are willing to go up to 25 miles between water sources, which most
thru-hikers are willing and able to do, it is not a problem in NM to
get good, clean water even in the dry years. I carried Aqua Mira, as
did one of my hiking partners. My other hiking partner carried a small
filter that screwed on to a liter pop bottle. We had a friend who
carried a Steri-pen. I treated all water that came into contact with
cows (standing water in tanks/pools/streams, and didn't bother to
treat anything coming out of a windmill pipe, or spring pipe. My
hiking partners did the same. The filter was rarely used, as it took
longer than chemical treatment and wasn't necessary, there was almost
no silt in any of our water sources. The bandana trick would have
worked for the few sources that we did get with the filter. The only
problems on the CDT for NM water are for weekend and short section
hikers where people aren't going far enough each day and therefore are
forced to use cattle infested mud-ponds for water, not an issue for
anyone going 20+ miles a day.


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