[Cdt-l] NM Water

Charlie Thorpe charliethorpe at att.net
Fri Dec 30 13:42:12 CST 2011

Hello All -

This good discussion about NM water has reminded me of a question that came up during our NM section hike last April.  My notes on the water source I have the question about:

Map 39  A little over a mile south of mile 6.5 on the official trail (down doubletrack along fence line) - North Garcia Windmill (****absolutely the BEST water on the CDT in NM - at least 10,000 gallons of good clear water piped into a huge open steel tank from a well that was apparently drilled as an oil well.  Somebody has done a great engineering job allowing wildlife and cattle easy access to the water without allowing them to pollute it.  Saw three different herds of elk, two different herds of antelope, all kinds of song birds, and a fuzzy ton of rabbits during the half hour we were there.  No cows.  Am puzzled why the CDT isn't routed right by it (didn't see any "Posted" signs).   Worth hiking to just to marvel at even if you don't need water in this very dry stretch of trail!*****)

Does anyone know why the CDT isn't routed to go by the North Garcia Windmill or at least a way found for CDT hikers to be aware of what looked to be a VERY reliable major water source?

- Charlie

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