[Cdt-l] Walking the Great Divide by Flagler Films

Doug Carlson doug-sue71 at comcast.net
Fri Dec 30 18:07:26 CST 2011

My wife gave me the 2 DVD set by Flager Films Walking the Great Divide. Half
way through the first DVD I am thru NM and up past Bear Town and crossed the
road at Wolf Creek Pass.  I needed to stop there for now.  Jim and  Ginny
are in the first part.  How many others on the cdt-l are featured somewhere
in the DVD?  


So far, 1/4 done, I think it's a great DVD.  Nothing quite like watching
hiking stuff to get the wanderlust inside stirred up. 

My wife game me the DVD set for a Xmas present.  Great gift.



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