[Cdt-l] Blizzard delays PCT & CDT Handbook mailings

Jackie McDonnell yogihikes at gmail.com
Tue Feb 1 18:01:24 CST 2011

Perhaps you've heard about this giant blizzard across the center of the
country?  I live in Kansas City, and we're getting hit hard.  The
interstates and the airport are closed.  I've got 15 inches of snow here at
my house, and the roads in my area have not been plowed yet.  To make this
worse, the snow is on top of ice which we got last night.

So, I probably won't make it to the Post Office until Wednesday or possibly
Thursday.  It all depends upon when the roads get plowed.  That means all
orders received from Monday - Thursday will take a bit longer than usual to
get to you.

Anyone want to shovel my driveway for me?  I'll give you a free book!  hee
hee hee.

Sometimes Mother Nature wins.

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