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hey nat
there is no national forest between columbus and deming - I haven't heard of hikers having any problems in the gila's - 24+ nobo's did the route last year - you can contact us at this email address or call me at 575 494 4357 - people that stay with us and that I take to the border for $20 per car load not per person will get a basic tour of the route from the border to deming and you can cache water at a spot I will take you to - I will pick you up at the bus station for free - any other questions feel free to ask

el coyote
Keith and Mary
Trail Angels
Deming, NM

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Hey Guys,

I am planning a NB thru-hike of the CDT for 2011. I am studying the 2010 Ley maps and I noticed that in two places on map Columbus04 there are notes (notes 2 and 6) saying that there are "Locked gates and No Trespassing signs." I was wondering, are these legitimate "No Tresspassing" signs? One of them (note 6) looks like it in the National Forest. Has anyone hiked that way? Are the signs still there? What did you do?

Nathanael Lintner

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