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second to last paragraph - it's fort cummins
the hyatt's are very hiker friendly but would like the route changed away from their home - if you go windmill to windmill you should miss their house

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I know where you are talking about. Last year i missed the entrance to the canyon
cause i was following an antelope around round mountain.. anyways..
I was kinda nervous about those notes on the maps also so I made my own "alternate".
I ended going all the way to the road and following it up past Lake Valley ghost town 
and back to Berrenda canyon by the forest road. There was a sing like Rancho Amigo or something.
Anyway i took the open gate to be my invitation and there were no signs until i reached a large blue steel gate about a mile from the CDT.
I trespassed through the gate.
Along the way i met the residents of the canyon that put the no tresspassing signs there.
They are aware of CDT hikers and they would prefer we did not go through "their" backyard
but after i showed them my J. Ley maps and explained that CDT'ers are just passing through and were
totally harmless they said they really did not care all that much as long as we did not make fire or leave trash behind.
When you see that canyon you will know why they are nervous about fire.
In fact they showed me a brand new route around 
schoolhouse mountain to re-gain the CDT.
Another almost unbelieveable thing happend regarding berrenda canyon later in Colorado. I met the current owners
of the Snowshoe lodge in Creede and they knew all about Berrenda canyon. They even speculated that the CDT
could be routed along the Cookes mountains and Cooke's peak itself someday. They had first hand knowledge of the
folks that live in Berrenda canyon and they also said they really are only concerned about hikers making fires there.
By the way they also knew the Hyatts (Hyatt ranch) listed on J.Leys map as being unfriendly to hikers. they said the opposite is true.
the Hyatts even let hikers get water from their house.
When you reach the Ft Collins ruins go to the right around the hill. Stay on a course of about 100 degrees true and you come to a gravel road.
This is the Hyatts driveway. If you follow it left(northish) you will top a low hill and see their homestead below. 
I am not saying to go knocking on their door but just to let you know where they are.

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