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wyldeflower at optonline.net wyldeflower at optonline.net
Sat Feb 12 10:35:55 CST 2011

Planning on hiking Colorado  portion of CDT summer 2011.I understand that there are various routes, various maps, various GPS units that are compatible with certain software.  Do I select a GPS according to the maps/software that I use?  Do I use Ley software? National Geographic Trail Illustrated software? CDTS CD Maps?  A combination of all of the above?So many choices - so many decisions.I have decided one thing: I will hike using a GPS for several reasons: 1) to find/confirm location 2) enter GPS points for tracking and 3) assist with trail reporting 4) ?   I also plan to carry SPOT messenger (with paid annual subscription).  I have already purchased a DELORME PN-60w  which is a two part system: GPS + SPOT that work together.  I purchased it through Backcountry.com on sale.  Q: Is anyone familiar with this GPS with regard to the CDT?  Will this unit serve my needs adequately?wyldeflower 
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